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WFS Field Trip
Seal Cove River, and general area
Saturday, August 13, 2016

["half-day" trip]
Trip Leader: Howard Clase (assisted by John Maunder).

Pasted Graphic

Screwstem (Bartonia paniculata subsp. iodandra)  -  (Whole plant, in bud.) Seal Cove River. Cracks in bedrock within river flood area. August 8, 2008. Photo: John Maunder

Meet in front of the College of the North Atlantic (Seal Cove Campus) parking lot, Seal Cove, Conception Bay Highway, at 10:00 am.
Park at an appropriate spot near the highway. We will drive to the Seal Cove River from there.

The Seal Cove River site is quite bouldery and uneven, underfoot. Please wear appropriate footwear.

Further to this:
Please also understand that, as is the case for all WFS field-trips, this field trip is completely AT THE PARTICIPANT'S OWN RISK.

Three principal routes:
[1] Drive "west" on the TCH. Turn right onto Holyrood Access Road (Rte. 62). At the junction with the Conception Bay Highway (Rte. 6), turn right and proceed to the College of the North Atlantic Campus at Seal Cove.
[2] Drive "west" on the TCH. Turn right onto the Manuels Access Highway (Rte. 2). Exit to the right, to Manuels, and then go left on the Conception Bay Highway (Rte. 6) to the College of the North Atlantic Campus at Seal Cove.
[3] Drive "west" on the TCH. Turn right onto the Manuels Access Highway (Rte. 2), then
stay on Rte. 2 all the way to its end, and then go another 0.5 km. (approx.) on the Conception Bay Highway, to the College of the North Atlantic Campus at Seal Cove.

[Approximate time required to drive to the CONA Seal Cove Campus, from the "Donovan's Overpass", just "west" of St. John's:

[1] VIA THE TCH, the Holyrood Access Road, and the Conception Bay Highway, is about 35 minutes [but note that the TCH is undergoing extensive repaving this week]

[2] VIA the TCH, Manuels Access Road, and the Conception Bay shore highway, is about 30 minutes.
[3] VIA the TCH, Manuels Access Road, and the Conception Bay South Bypass Highway, is only about 15 minutes!]

[See MAP, below]

Pasted Graphic 1

The Cape Shore Loop trip has been cancelled because of anticipated inclement weather.

WFS Field Trip
Cape Shore Loop
Saturday, August 6, 2016 and Sunday August 7, 2016

[two-day trip]

Pasted Graphic
Nymphoides cordata (Floatingheart) at Collins Pond, just W of Colinet, August 9, 2008 - Photo: John Maunder

Meet at Placentia at 10:00 am on Day 1.


Drive "west" on the TCH. Turn left onto the Argentia Access Road (Rte. 100), just past Whitbourne, and proceed to Placentia.
Cross the big "lift bridge", and then, almost immediately, veer to the left.

Park across the road from the front of the "Three Sisters Pub and Restaurant".

[The drive to Placentia,
from the "Donovan's Overpass", just "west" of St. John's, is about  1.5 hours

(Note: the last bit, through Dunville, etc., is a residential "slow zone" - watch for "speed traps"!)]

DAY 1:
Point Verde
Gooseberry Cove [Lunch at Gooseberry Cove Beach (pack a lunch)]
St. Brides (brief check-in opportunity)
Cape St. Mary's

Proceed to accommodations

DAY 2:

Meet at the Capeway Motel & Efficiency Units, in St. Brides, at 9:30 am
Point Lance Beach (park at the end of the road by the beach)
Branch (Estuary) (park by the "boat basin")
[Lunch at Branch (pack a lunch, OR, there is a recommended restaurant here,

at Careen's Gas Bar, called "The Loft" - ]

North Harbour (short stop along south-end beach)
Collins Pond just W of Colinet (see photo above)

Return home

WFS Field Trip
Baccalieu Trail
Saturday, July 23, 2016 and Sunday July 24, 2016

[two-day trip]

Pasted Graphic
Honckenya peploides (Seabeach Sandwort) and Leymus mollis (Strand Wheat) on Salmon Cove Beach. September 2009. Photo: Susan Maunder

Meet at Fong's Hotel in Carbonear, at 10:00 am on Day 1.
[The drive to Carbonear,
from the "Donovan's Overpass", just "west" of St. John's, is about 1.5 hours, or a wee bit less.]


Drive "west" on the TCH. Turn off the TCH at the "Roaches Line Overpass". Stay on Rte. 75 all the way to the outskirts of Carbonear.
Go straight through the lights, and proceed along "fast-food strip". On the left, at the end of the "fast-food strip", is Fong's Hotel.


DAY 1:

Western Bay Point Job's Cove Trail A brief stop just NE of Old Perlican, for Scottish Heather (it may still be just in bud)
Lunch at Grates Cove

There will be the option of lunch at the Grates Cove Studio Restaurant in Grates Cove -
NOTE: The food (see the above website link) is a cut above what is available at most places,
but it is apparently well worth the price (which is actually not too bad ... entrees are $14-$21). 
For those who may want a table at the Grates Cove Studio Restaurant, PLEASE RESERVE for
1:30 pm by calling 1 (709) 587-3880.
Please identify yourselves as members of the WFS.

For those who prefer to pack a lunch, there are picnic tables adjacent/across the road.
Grates Cove (Red Head Cove Trail)
Grates Cove (Grates Cove Trail)
Return to accommodations

DAY 2:
Meet at Fong's Hotel in Carbonear, at 9:30 am

Bristol's Hope

(not for Baldellia [too early] but lots of other good stuff there)

Carbonear "town pond trail", by the train, along main town road [park by the Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre/Carbonear Community Centre]
Salmon Cove [Please note that there is a $5.00/carload fee for this wonderful municipal park]
Lunch at Salmon Cove  Bring packed lunch. Picnic tables, toilets.
Optional stop, upon homeward trip - Harbour Grace (Riverhead), (along shore and saltmarsh near the DC-3 airplane)

[BRING BOOTS - on our last visit most people couldn't get across the small brook!]

Return home

WFS Field Trip
Bellevue Beach
Saturday, July 9, 2016 ("rain day" Sunday, July 10, 2016)

[A full-day trip]

Meet at the "day-use" beach parking lot, at 11:30 am.
[The drive to Bellevue Beach,
from the "Donovan's Overpass", west of St. John's, is little under an hour and a half (i.e. 90 minutes)]


Drive "west" on the TCH, PAST the Long Harbour junction. Drive another 14-15 km (approx).
Turn right off the TCH onto Rte. 201 (to Bellevue). Drive about 1.2 km, generally downhill, to a T-junction.
Turn left, and drive about  2 km along "the shore road".
Turn right into the Bellevue Beach camping park. You will be required to pay a nominal "day-use fee"
Proceed to the "day use" beach parking area. (Stay up on "the beach ridge". Don't go down to the formal "swimming beach")
[See MAP below]


We will be exploring the "long beach ridge" (plus the wider areas near its eastern tip), as well as the interesting upper beaches on both sides of the "ridge".
The formal part of the walk will be a slow, wandering affair, of about 2 hours.
So, with lunch thrown in, it should run until ABOUT 2:30 pm. However, depending upon the enthusiasm of the group, it
could well run a wee bit longer.

Bring a packed lunch.  

The beach ridge itself is pretty dry, but there are a few wettish spots lower down.
Also, the beach is "beach-rocky", so boots may provide needed ankle support.
Boots are thus at their owner's discretion.

Pasted Graphic

WFS Field Trip
Cupids and Brigus
Saturday, June 25, 2016 ("rain day" Sunday, June 26, 2016)
[A full-day trip]

Meet at the Cupids Heritage Centre, 368 Seaforest Drive (the waterfront road), at 10:30 am.
[The drive to Cupids,
from the "Donovan's Overpass", is about an hour, or a wee bit more.]

Drive "west" towards the "Roaches Line Overpass". Turn off the TCH onto Rte. 75, then, quite soon after, veer right onto the Roaches Line (Rte. 70).
Nearing South River-Clarkes Beach, turn right onto Rte 60. Then turn left towards Cupids. Proceed to the waterfront. Then continue on to the Cupids Heritage Centre.

We will first visit the excellent "Burnt Head Trails" at the far end of Cupids.
The network of circular seacoast and forest trails takes you by vestiges of long-gone communities and includes a view of
an impressive sea arch.
The walk will be an relatively easy couple of hours.
There will be the option of lunch at the Cupids Haven B&B -

Then, for those who are not too tired out, there will be the added option of a short ramble around the lovely neighbouring town of Brigus, after lunch,
with the further option of ending the day with a dish of the famous "Blueberry Cobbler" (="Blueberry Crisp") at the Country Corner Restaurant.

Pasted Graphic
Common Juniper (Juniperus communis), female "cones", Cupids, Burnt Head Trail,
Sept. 25, 2005 - John Maunder

Pasted Graphic 1

Branscombe's Pond
Wildflower Society Field Trip
Sunday, June 19, 2016, 2:30 p.m.

view of branscombes pond
Photo taken at Branscombe's Pond, about a month ago, on May 14, 2014 - John Maunder

We will try again to visit this wonderful, but generally unknown, "botanical oasis" hiding between Topsail Road and Blackmarsh Road, in the St. John's/Mount Pearl area.

Let's hope that the weather holds. Looks good now.

The Downtown Sidewalks Walk originally scheduled for this weekend will be moved ahead. Stay tuned for that.

Please note that the Branscombe's Pond Walk will be on SUNDAY, not Saturday, so that it isn't too close to
Nature NL's "Annual Charlie Horwood Memorial Pink Lady Slipper Orchid Walk", scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:00 pm.

Also please note that the time on SUNDAY is 2:30 pm
in the afternoon, so as not to clash with any morning church services.

Almost all of the trail is either boardwalk or hard gravel. And virtually level. An easy ramble. The walk will be
less than 2 hours.


From St. John's, go out Topsail Road. Drive past "Dodge City" car sales (on the left), and the old mall that still has the "Cineplex Cinemas" in it (on the right).

On your
left you will soon find "Mary Queen of the World" church and school.

DIRECTLY across the road from the
big parking lot at the church/school is "Goldeneye Place. Turn up Goldeneye Place.

Proceed a short way. The road will soon veer gently to the right.

Look for a break between the houses on the left, that has tallish conifer trees in it. There is a cross-walk there.

In this break between the houses (on the left) there is a wide path to Branscombe's Pond. It is bordered on one side by a brook.

Park on Goldeneye Place.


branscombes pond

GEO Centre Chuckly Pear Walk
Signal Hill

SUNDAY afternoon
Led by John Maunder

2:30 pm

Dress warmly. It's only "June-uary"

(The walk will take only an hour or so)

May Wildflower Meeting

Tuesday, May 10th, 7:30 p.m. MUN Botanical Gardens
Speaker:   Clyde Thornhill
Topic:  A Wild Flower Collection & Other Things

Please note this meeting will be our last indoor meeting for the season.  The executive will be meeting in the coming weeks to draft a schedule of summer walks.  If you have a suggestion for possible walk, please contact any of our executive members.

Photo of a very early blooming black crowberry by Glen Ryan in the 2016 photos


Tuesday, April 12th, 2016, 2016 - 7:30 p.m.
Botanical Gardens
Presenter: Todd Boland
Topic: The Flora and Fauna of the Brazilian Cerrado and Pantanal

March Wildflower Meeting

MUN Botanical Garden
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.
Guest Speaker: Michael Collins
Topic:  "Identifying winter twigs- (and what's been eating them!)". 
Members can bring as many twigs as they like since we will be using keys etc. to try and identify them. 

Important Note:   Members should only bring samples from the wild - not from gardens.

The February Meeting is Cancelled Because of the Blizzard Forecast


Tuesday, February 9, 2016  -   7:30 p.m.
Botanical Garden
Presenter:  Todd Boland
Topic:  The Flora and Fauna of the Brazilian Cerrado and Pantanal

Note that there will be no meeting in January. The next meeting will be Tuesday February 9, 2016

Tuesday, December 8th, 7:30 p.m. (MUN Botanical Gardens).

It will soon be time to get together for our Christmas Party and end of the year slide show!

We ask members to bring along a small treat to share, either sweet or savory, wine, coffee/tea will be provided.

See you there!

Members may be interested in two other sources of information about Newfoundland Wildflowers.

There is a facebook group “Wildflowers of Newfoundland”

There is also a “Google Group” nf.wildfowers at!forum/nfwildflowers

There are also two new download links on the Downloads Page: one to the updated Newfoundland and Labrador Flora Annotated Checklist updated July, 2015 by Sue Meades, the other is to the New Edition of Nova Scotia Plants by Munro, Newell and Hill published in 2014

November Wildflower Meeting
Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. MUN Botanical Gardens, Mt. Scio Rd.
Speaker: John Maunder
Topic:  The "Berries" of Newfoundland: variations of a juicy theme!
A quote from the presentation: “What is a berry? The question sounds very simple … but it isn’t!” 

Berry Talk 2015 Front Page Even Smaller


(Tuesday) October 20th, at 7:30 p.m.
MUN Botanical Gardens

Speaker:  Gene Herzberg
Topic:   "The Northern Peninsula and a bit more".


Important notice:  We have decided, at the recommendation of many members, to move our Wildflower Meetings to the second Tuesday of every month and the Gardens has kindly accomodated us in this request.  As the Gardens had a previously arranged workshop planned for October 13th (second Tuesday of October month), they have provided us the alternate date of October 20th, 2015.  However, commencing in November, all future Wildflower Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month.


-a few reminders-

Karen Herzberg, our Treasurer, reminds us once again that it is membership renewal time, so please bring your monies along at our next meeting.
Howard Clase, Editor of Sarracenia, is eager to receive submissions for our next Sarracenia.
John Maunder will be soon requesting submission of images for our Christmas Party, so please start thinking about the images you wish to submit.

The WFS TRIP to Shea Heights is POSTPONED until SUNDAY (October 4). Same time, same place.

WFS Field Trip – Shea Heights (Southside Hills)
Saturday, October 3, 2015 [or “rain day” – Sunday, October 4; check your e-mail; or phone if necessary]
Meet at 10:30 a.m.
Leader: John Maunder (, and 335-2462)
Trip Goals:
Our primary goal is to examine the berry phase of the several crowberry species growing on the Southside Hills, to complement our Spring trip to the top of Nagles Hill.
In particular, we will be looking at the peculiar “red-berried” pink crowberries [!] that seem to be unique to the place, and which have puzzled "the experts", to date.
For comparison, black and purple crowberries also occur on the Hill.
However, the flora of the Southside Hills is interesting for many other reasons. We won’t be looking at just crowberries. Besides, the view is fabulous!
From Water Street West, cross the big bridge over the Waterford River.
Proceed uphill towards Shea Heights.
Keep LEFT. Stay on the “long loop” route. DO NOT take the “switchback” route marked “Linegar Avenue”.
Go past the senior’s home (which is on the left).
Eventually, the road will begin to curve to the right.
Pass the crosswalk with the overhead light signals.
Keep turning to the right, but stay on the main road.
Eventually, the road will crest. Watch for a reddish-orange, iron swing-gate on the left.
Pull off the road and park EITHER on the wide shoulder area to the right, opposite the iron gate, or, on EITHER SIDE OF the swing gate on the other side of the road.
PLEASE, do not block the swing gate, or, any cars that may be parked on the wide shoulder behind the houses, or any obvious associated property access. Please respect the needs of the residents.
Footwear and Clothing:
The weekend weather is supposed to be significantly cooler than it has been these past few days. Please dress sensibly. Note that the top of the hill is quite barren and exposed.
Rain is expected on Friday, so the ground may be quite wet in places. Also, the trail is rather rocky. Please wear appropriate footwear.
We will be proceeding UPHILL to the area of the communications towers. A few parts of the trail may involve a bit of huffing and puffing, but WE WILL BE TAKING IT VERY SLOWLY. There should be no problem at all for most.

Mundy Pond Trail Wildflower Stroll. 

Please note the change in day.
                                   SUNDAY  -  September 13, 2015  (subject to weather)  Time: 10.30 a.m.   
Leader:  Glen Ryan

Meet: Parking lot across the road from Mews Centre on Mundy Pond Road.
If weather is in doubt, please contact Glen Ryan directly at:  (Cell – 709-728-9027) before you venture out.
Email may not be possible for notification if weather is inclement.
Species of interest:
Goldenrod ( 3 species, maybe Brenda's Goldenrod??)
A rare Vetch, Vicia sepium
A big Soft Rush, Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani
Burnet Saxifrage, Pimpinella saxifraga
Marsh Woundwort, Stachys palustris

Bristol's Hope Field Trip
Saturday September 5 [or 6 - rain day)
Leaders: Howard Clase/Gene and Karen Herzberg
Meet at the south end of the Bristol's Hope barachois at 10 AM.
Duration is to be determined by attendees.  Please bring a picnic lunch or be prepared to eat at a local restaurant as desired.
Species of special interest:
Lesser Water-plantain (Baldellia ranunculoides) [only known North American occurrence!]
Include your rubber boots in the car because they might be needed in order to take good photos.  Other plants found there, and noted in John’s Digital Flora, are listed at the bottom of this notice.
For directions to Bristol's Hope see attached maps plus the following directions:
Follow Highway 75 to the intersection with highway 70 just beyond Harbour Grace. Turn right onto Highway 70 (Cathedral St) and take the second turning to the left after about 1 km onto Saddle Hill, after another 500 m turn right onto Main Rd and follow straight down to the barrachoix - the last bit is called Rocky Lane.  N.B Beach Road across the barachois is not suitable for cars! See maps below.
We could also explore the water system farther up to Lady Lake, to see if John's suggestion that the plant might have come over on a float plane in the early years.  Apparently they often "landed" on Lady Lake.
Allow at least 1 1/2 hours to drive from St. John's. Karen's cell is 727-5906.
If Saturday's weather is poor, the trip will take place on Sunday.   
Gene Herzberg searched John Maunder’s Digital Flora for plants identified as being seen at Bristol’s Hope. Below is a list of those plants. Obviously not a complete list of plants but does identify plants we might see.
Baldellia ranunculoides (Linnaeus) Parl - Lesser Water-plantain
Atriplex cf. prostrata Boucher ex DC. in Lam. & DC. [Final identification pending]  Prostrate Orache
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Between beach and barasway.
Callitriche heterophylla Pursh subsp. heterophylla - Larger Waterstarwort
 Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Inner shores of barachois pond. Entangled with charophytes (Nitella sp.).
Sparganium angustifolium Michaux - Narrowleaf Bur-reed
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Pond behind beach.
Polygonum aviculare cf. subsp. rurivagum (Jordan ex Boreau) E.-L. Berher [Final identification pending] - Narrow-leaved Knotweed - 
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Shingle behind [saltwater] barachois beach.
Lysimachia terrestris (L.) B. S. P. - Swamp Candles 
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. In water at edge of barachois
Potamogeton pusillus Berchtold’s Pondweed, Slender Pondweed
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Barachois Pond, inner portion. Freshwater.
Galium tinctorium Linnaeus - Dyer’s Bedstraw -
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Near barachois pond. Damp weeds and shrubbery.
Ruppia maritima Linnaeus - Ditchgrass, Beaked Tasselweed -
Bristol's Hope. Seaward side of barachois. Brackish.
Juncus articulatus Linnaeus - Jointed Rush
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Edge of barachois, near beach roadway. Wet.
Scutellaria galericulata Linnaeus var. pubescens Bentham - Marsh Skullcap
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Rocky shore of barachois
Oenothera parviflora Linnaeus  -  Northern Evening Primrose
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. Gravelly area on barachois bar
Carex cf. scoparia Schkuhr ex Willdenow var. scoparia - Pointed Broom Sedge 
Bristol's Hope, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Base of cutbank, above beach.
 Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1


Bristol's Hope
 Bristol's Hope

August 30 Harricott , The Tickles, Collin’s Pond (CP) [full day]

Leaders: John Maunder/Howard Clase (
H's cell 727-6410)

Meet at east side of Colinet Bridge, near Angelica occurrence, time 11.00.a.m. 
This is at the junction of Highways 91 & 93 and about 90 km (90 min) from St John's.  Drive down the Salmonier Line, follow it through Mt Carmel to Colinet, turn left onto #93 and wait by the roadside.  The Angelica sylvestris is just over the barrier on the river bank. (You can see it in Google Streetsview!)

We will go on to Harricott Bay to look at the estuary area and also some seaside beaches before we pause for lunch
(there are no premises providing lunch in the area so you will have to bring your own).

Then we shall walk out to the Tickles (about 3 km) to see if the old house still stands, and try to find the white Horned Gentian.

N.B The trail has been much used by young men on their destructive machines, it will always have wet sections, but since it hasn't been too rainy lately it may not be too bad, however
waterproof foot-ware will be essential.

Full Day Field Trip This Saturday August 22

To Whitbourne [and, participants willing, on to Rocky River, Collins Pond, and Cataracts Provincial Park]

Date: August 22 ["rain day" = August 23] 

Leader: John Maunder

Meet, at 10: am, at Monty's Restaurant (and gar bar) parking lot,
on the TCH, just as you reach the Whitbourne area from the east

Some species of special interest:

  • Mass blooming of Scottish Heather (Calluna vulgaris) [spectacular]
  • Black Dogberry (Sorbaronia sp.) in berry
  • Black Alder, European Alder (Alnus glutinosa)
  • Water Horsetail (Equisetum fluviatile) massive beds
  • Whorled Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum verticillatum)
  • Acadian Quillwort (Isoëtes acadiensis)
  • Tuckerman’s Quillwort (Isoëtes tuckermanii)
  • Floating Hearts (Nymphoides cordata) [Collins Pond]

, or "water slippers" - pond and river waters levels are high this year!

Contact: John Maunder:
phone (home) 335-2462
[Please address any replies to the
above e-mail address, NOT to my g-mail address.]

The 2015 Society Financial statement is available on the Annual Financial Reports page.

The Haricot Field Trip, originally scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 26,, will be re-scheduled, because the flowering season has been SO SLOW!

The new date will probably be sometime in late August.

                                               July 5th, 2015 Sunday, Downtown Wildflower Walk


We will meet at 10:00 am at the top of the courthouse steps, Duckworth St. We will then proceed to the "west", by various sidewalk routes. (Last year's walk covered the area to the "east" of the courthouse steps.)

Walk duration: about 2 hours. A slow ramble.

In case of bad weather, watch your e-mail, or call John Maunder at 335-2462.

Japanese Pearlwort - Sagina japonica. Water Street. Courthouse parking area. In cracks between cobblestones. Very rare introduction.

Hope to see you on the 5th!



Booking Accommodation for our July 18-July 19 Field Trip to the Bay Roberts Area (1 night only)

Meeting Time and Place: Powell's Supermarket parking lot (by the main traffic lights in Bay Roberts by 9:30 am on July 18th, 2015. We will botanize all day July 18th, and until sometime after lunch on July 19th, 2015.
Please bring boots, rain-gear, magnifying glass, field guide, and lunch time snack.

Please book accommation as soon as possible. There is only a few remaining rooms at Bay Roberts Hotel and Scrunchions Restaurant (formerly the Klondyke Hotel)

Booking Options: See below, there are also several B&B's in the area (NL Tourism Guide).
1. Bay Roberts Hotel, 72-76 Water Street, Bay Roberts, phone: 709- 786-4700, fax- 709 786-4747, toll free #: 1-800-786-4703, or email:
2. Silverwood Inn, Bay Roberts (389-399 Conception Bay Highway) phone: 709 -786-4466, toll free #: 1-800-663-4450, fax- 709 786-1313, or email:
(I have not been there recently, so I cannot vouch for the hotel's quality- John).

3. Fong's Motel and Restaurant, 143 Columbus Drive, Carbonear, phone- 709-596-5114 or email:

Note: On checking price range for both Bay Roberts Hotel and Silverwood Inn, the cost is between $124-$149 plus tax. Double rooms have either two double beds or two queens bed which allows for shared accomodation.

On checking with Fong's Motel and Restaurant the cost is approximately $80 plus tax for single room and $84 for double room (two double beds).
Bay Roberts Hotel and the Silverwood Inn both have restaurants, but neither is open until noon time brunch. However, there are several earteries in close proximity to the hotels. Bay Roberts Hotel is willing to make a breakfast (extra charge).

Further information: please call:
 John Maunder, Leader - phone:335-2462 or
Carmel Conway Wildflower Society of NL, phone: 722-0121 or

Monday, June 8th, 2015 starting at: 6:00 p.m.


Leader: Glen Ryan
"Spring Shrubs Blooming"
Meet:  parking lot, Geo Centre
It might be helpful to bring along "Shrubs of Newfoundland" by Glen Ryan, or "Trees and Shrubs of Newfoundland" by Todd Boland
-in case of inclement weather, please contact Glen before heading out for walk: call 739-6146 or cell- 728-9027
Species of special interest:
Chuckley Pear (Amelanchier spp.)!
Rhodora (Rhododendron canadense)
Mountain Holly (Ilex (= Nemopanthus) mucronata)
Pin Cherry (Prunus pensylvanica)

Sunday May 24 WFS Field Trip to See the Three Types of Crowberry on the Top of Nagles Hill, St. John's

Date: Sunday, May 24

Time: 10:30 am

Place: The top of Nagles Hill Road ... Go PAST the entrance to the golf course, all the way to the end of the road.

Parking: At the wide area at the end of the road, from where people walk up to the Three Pond Barrens [note: we will NOT be going up the main Three Pond Barrens path!].

Boots: YES

Hand lens: YES

Crowberries expected:

   E. nigrum nigrum (Common Black Crowberry - male and female flowers on different plants)

   Empetrum nigrum hermaphroditum (Hermaphroditic Black Crowberry - male and female flowers on same plants)

   Empetrum atropurpureum (Purple Crowberry)

For photos of crowberries, see the Crowberry Page on the "Digital Flora" ...

Wildflower Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
Field Trip Schedule, Avalon Peninsula – 2015

Please note that there will be NO week-long field trip this year.

It is acknowledged that all field trips listed below will be held on the Avalon Peninsula. West coast, and other, members are encouraged to organize field trips in their local areas. Please let us know if you do.

All field trip dates are subject to change if the weather is too foul! Dates in square brackets are the first backup dates. All dates, including first backup dates, are either Saturdays or Sundays.


May 23 [24] [2 hours] (date is subject to change, depending on eventual flowering dates, stay tuned):

Crowberry (Empetrum) Blooming,
Nagle’s Hill, St. John’s.
Leader: John Maunder

Three “species” of special interest:

Common Black Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum ssp. nigrum)
Hermaphroditic Black Crowberry (
Empetrum nigrum ssp. hermaphroditum)
Purple Crowberry (
Empetrum atropurpureum)

June 13 [14] [2 hours] (date subject to change, depending on eventual flowering dates, stay tuned):

Spring Shrubs Blooming (a tradition).
GEO Centre, St. John’s.
Leader: Glen Ryan.

Species” of special interest:

Chuckley Pear (Amelanchier spp.)!
Rhodora (
Rhododendron canadense)
Mountain Holly (
Ilex (= Nemopanthus) mucronata)
Pin Cherry (
Prunus pensylvanica)

July 5 [2 hours] (Sunday morning, because of parking):

Downtown Sidewalks
west” of the old Museum, St. John’s.
Leader: John Maunder

Current checklist = 156 species!

July 11 [12] [1/2 day]:

Manuels River Trail.
Manuels River, Conception Bay South
Leader: John Maunder

Some species of special interest:

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum)
Fragile Fern (
Cystopteris fragilis)
One-flowered Broom-rape (
Orobanche uniflora)
Lake Quillwort (
Isoëtes lacustris)
Tuckerman’s Quillwort (
Isoëtes tuckermanii)
Harvey’s Hybrid Quillwort (
Isoëtes ×harveyi)
Bush Honeysuckle (
Diervilla lonicera)

July 18-19 [two days] [Stay over at Bay Roberts, or Carbonear, or similar.]:

Bay Roberts and General Vicinity.
Leader: John Maunder

Some species of special interest:


July 26 [25] [Note the reverse day-preference because of tide] [full day] [low tide at nearby St. Mary’s is at 10:23 am Sunday July 26 (0.81 m)] [Meet at east side of Colinet Bridge, near Angelica occurrence, at 10:00 am]

Haricot, The Tickles, Collin’s Pond
Leader: John Maunder/Howard Clase

Some species of special interest:

Floating Hearts (Nymphoides cordata) in bloom (Collin’s Pond)
Wild Angelica (
Angelica sylvestris) (Colinet Junction)
Virginia Glasswort (
Salicornia depressa) (Haricot)
Maritime (= Rich’s) Seablite (
Suaeda maritima) (Haricot)
Northern Sandspurry (
Spergularia canadensis) (Haricot)
Ditchgrass (
Ruppia maritima) (Haricot)
Common Trailing Cinquefoil (
Potentilla simplex) (Haricot)
Horned Gentian (
Halenia deflexa) (The Tickles)

August 22 [23] [full day]

Whitbourne [option of continuing on to Cataracts Provincial Park, and the Rocky River?]
Leader: John Maunder
Some species of special interest:

Mass blooming of Scottish Heather (Calluna vulgaris) [spectacular]
Black Dogberry (
Sorbaronia sp.) in berry
Black Alder, European Alder (
Alnus glutinosa)
Water Horsetail (
Equisetum fluviatile) massive beds
Whorled Watermilfoil (
Myriophyllum verticillatum)
Acadian Quillwort (
Isoëtes acadiensis)
Tuckerman’s Quillwort (
Isoëtes tuckermanii)

September 5 [6] [full day]

Bristol’s Hope
Leader: Howard Clase/Gene and Karen Herzberg

Species of special interest:

Lesser Water-plantain (Baldellia ranunculoides) [only know North American occurrence!]

September 12 [13] [2 hours]

Mundy Pond, St. John’s
Leader: Glen Ryan

Species of special interest:

Brenda’s Goldenrod (Solidago brendiae)?

September 26 [27] [1/2 day]

Shea Heights (Southside Hills) Communication Towers
Leader: John Maunder

Species of special interest:

Pink Crowberry (Empetrum eamsii), plus the interesting “red-berried variant”


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
MUN Botanical Gardens, Mt. Scio
Speaker:  Judy Blakeley
Topic:    Southern Africa (2014) Part 2: Some Fauna and Flora of South Africa


April 1st, (Wednesday), 2015 at 7:30 p.m.


MUN Botanial Gardens
Mt. Scio Road
Topic:   "Feast of Flowers of Picos de Europa"
(peaks of Europe)
- range of mountains in Northern Coast of Spain-
with presenter:  Pat Hill
In addition to its fabulous flora, The Picos of Europa contain many of the world's deepest caves and  support a dwindling group of shepherds who move up from the valleys in the summertime with their sheep, goats, cows.  The area is also famed for its piquat blue cheeses.

March Wildflower Meeting

The March Meeting has been rescheduled to March 11


March 11th, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
MUN Botanical Gardens
We are  delighted to have two presentations for this meeting!
While wildflower members Mary and John Bridson recently moved from this province, and now reside in Ottawa, they continue to travel and were able to enjoy a recent holiday in Italy. Mary was kind enough to put together a selection of her images of this trip for us to enjoy!
Mary Bridson - "Walking the Tratturi:  Floral Trails in Central Italy".



Roger White has captured "A Different North Atlantic Flora:  Flowers of the Azores".  (our very first talk on wildflowers of the Azores!)

Please note that
there will NOT be a week-long summer field trip for 2015.
We have decided to try a few shorter excursions perhaps on the Avalon.
Further details will be provided near the end of our winter programme.

February 4th, 2015, (Wednesday) 7:30 pm
MUN Botanical Gardens
Speaker: Todd Boland
Topic:   "Flora and Fauna of Colombia"


Congratulations to Ross Traverse!


I am delighted to announce that Ross has been inducted in the Atlantic Agricultural Hall of Fame for  2014.
Ross was honoured along with Leo Cox (Nova Scotia), Robert Colpitts (New Brunswick), Wayne Dickieson (PEI).
Official ceremonies were held Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at the Alumni Theatre, on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
A hearty congratulations Ross, from all your wildlflower friends!

Over his career, Ross became well-known for his expertise in peat soils. While in the public sector, he developed methods for producing landscape sod on peat soils and was instrumental in establishing the first commercial peat turf farm in the province. Ross drew upon his knowledge of Scandinavian systems to create a commercial peat excavation system for use in producing peat based soil mixes. In the private sector Ross consulted on industrial uses of peat moss, including projects in Egypt and the Caribbean. As a champion of horticulture, Ross left his mark on the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. He helped introduce new crop varieties to the province’s unique climate, acted as a mentor to greenhouse growers and taught courses and workshops on horticulture. Ross’ most notable and arguably greatest contribution is as the province’s expert on growing plant life in Newfoundland and Labrador’s cool climate. For over 40 years, Ross has responded to questions on production, insects and harvesting, culminating in his 2006 book Ask Ross Traverse About Gardening: Practical Advice for Gardeners in a Cool Climate, now in its second printing. As the province’s go-to gardening expert, Ross appears regularly on CBC radio’s Gardening Crosstalk, and VOWR Community Radio. His columns appear monthly in Downhome magazine, and feature in Deck’s Awash and the Evening Telegram. (profile taken from - Dalhouse University Inspiring Minds).


Carmel Conway
President, Wildflower Society of NL


Wedneday night, December 3rd, 7:30 pm (MUN Botanical Garden)
It is time for our Christmas get-together and end of the year slide show!
We ask members to bring along a treat to share, either sweet or savory, wine,coffee/tea wil be provided.
See you there!

The next wildflower society meeting will be held in conjunction with the Rock Garden Society on
Oct 22, 7:30 pm at the Botanical Garden. 

We will have Mike Kintgen of Denver Botanical garden speaking on
The Flora of Patagonia

"We will travel through Patagonia Argentina from the far Southern part of
Santa Cruz in Southern Patagonia through 4 provinces to Mendoza north of
Patagonia. We will visit a wide variety of habitats from semiarid steppe,
montane forest, alpine areas and wet mountain forest similar to parts of
British Columbia. Along the way we will see a spectacular array of wildflowers and scenery."

A Link has been placed on the Downloads page to
North American Rock Gardening Society (NARGS) Bulletin - Special Issue -
St. John's Newfoundland Conference - 2005 [= Rock Garden Quarterly 63(1)
(Winter 2005): Special Issue: North Atlantic Rock Gardening

Articles by Todd Boland, Howard Clase, Bodil Larson, Bernard Jackson,
and others.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.
MUN Botanical Garden
Title:  South Africa (2014) Part 1: Flora and Fauna of Botswana
presented by: Judy Blakeley & Helen Jones

The 2014 photo page has some new photos.

Note that the complete list of walks, including walks already completed is on the Programs Page
Please be advised that dates may be changed depending on blooming times.

July 6 (Sunday) POSTPONED
SHOE COVE TRAIL, Pouch Cove led by Ed Hayden. Meet at Cape Town Convenience Portugal Cove Highway (left hand side of the road) at 10:00 a.m. Highlight- Ragged robin. Ed can be reached at: or (h) 738-0358 or cell- 730-8534.

August 6 (Wednesday Regatta Day) POSTPONED
Beaver Pond Trail or Old Petty Harbour Road Trail l
ed by Roger White. Meet time and place to be determined. Roger can be reached at: or 753-7904.

Saturday, September 6th, 10:00 a.m.
Wildflower Walk Waterford Valley Trail, & stroll through General Protestant Cemetery
Led by:  Glen Ryan & Suzanne Sexty
Meeting place:  Start of the Waterford Valley Trail, next to the Dockyard.  We will proceed to Symes Bridge.  Following this, Suzanne will then lead a walk to the Cemetery, across Waterford Bridge Road, highlighting some very interesting trees, shrubs, and headstones.
Parking: Two Options

1. Railway Station Museum Parking Lot (not certain if they charge ? ) or,
2. FREE Parking at Waterford River side of Southside Road, approaching the dockyard parking as you head north.
Primary species to see:   Canada Goldenrod see image at:!topic/nfwildflowers/Yi-1y1GhymM

Important note: If the weather is foul, please contact one of the leaders before heading out:
Glen can be reached at or 739-6146. Suzanne can be reached at: or 579-3311.


Late September
Water Street/Duckworth Street Walk
(to be determined)

The Golden Mountains of Central Asia....Alpines of the Tien Shan

On Thursday, May 29 at 7:30 pm, MUN Botanical Garden, we will have a special presentation

collaboration with the NL Rock Garden Society, we are delighted to have Panayoti Kelaidis, director of outreach at the Denver Botanical Garden (he was also the past curator of their alpine collection), give us a talk. 

His talk will be “The Golden Mountains of Central Asia....Alpines of the Tien Shan”. 

Panayoti has spoken around the world, so it promises to be a great presentation.  Please mark the date on your calendar.  We hope you can attend.

The 2014 Society Financial Statement is available on the Annual Financial Reports Page

May Wildflower Meeting,
May 7th, 2014 (Wednesday)  at 7:30 p.m
MUN Botanical Gardens, Mt. Scio Road
Speaker:  Julissa Roncal, Department of Biology MUN
Topic;  "For the Love of Palms"

A number of the images shown by Ian Christie in last nights delightful talk can be found in the
International Rock Gardener Number 38 The Scottish Rock Garden Club February 2013 which can be found at the following web link

Wednesday April 2nd, 2014
7:30 p.m.
(this meeting will be in conjunction with the Rock Garden Society)
GUEST SPEAKER:   Ian Christie
TOPIC:  Wildflowers of Scotland

Those who are taking part in this summer’s field trip to St. Pierre and Miquelon might like to read or re-read Howard Clase’s summary of the previous society trip to SPM in 1998. It is in the Fall 1998 Sarracenia, Volume 8 number 2 which can be downloaded from the Sarracenia link on this website.

Members are invited to submit pictures for posting on the website. Photos of wildflowers and other native plants are welcome. Please do not submit photos of people. If you submit a photo it is with the understanding that these photos can be downloaded by anyone visiting the website. For this reason please submit photos as low resolution jpegs no larger than 640 pixels in the largest dimension i.e. either 640X480 for horizontal images or 480X640 for verticals. You can email the photos to Gene Herzberg at

There is a
Complete Collection of the Sarracenia on the
new Sarracenia Page.
The issues can be downloaded and are searchable.

Thanks to John Maunder and Howard Clase for scanning the issues and to Gene Herzberg for converting them into searchable versions.