Videos of Zoom Presentations
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WFS Todd Boland, Exploring the Patagonia Steppe, Part 2 May 14, 2024

WFS Michael Burzynski & Anne Marceau, Plants and Landscapes of the Limestone Barrens of Newfoundland and Labrador, April 9, 2024

WFS-Todd Boland--Spring Wildflowers of Patagonia- Part 1_Alpine and Woodlands, March 12, 2024

WFS Members Slide Show on Feb.13, 2024

WFS Matt Levesque, January 9, 2024
"Exploring the Beauty of NL's Avalon Peninsula"

WFS Wilf NIcholls, November 14. 2023
"Georgia USA History, Botany and Horticulture"

WFS Meghan McCarthy, October 17, 2023
"BC Wildflowers of Garry Oaks"

WFS Michael Burzynski & Anne Marceau May 9, 2023
"Wildflowers of the Galapagos"

WFS  Luise Hermanutz & David Innis April 11th, 2023

"Hunting for Desert Wildflowers, and more!"

WFS Sue Meades March 14th, 2023  “Wildflowers of Ireland”

WFS  Michael Burzynski & Anne Marceau,February 21st, 2023
 "Wildflowers of Chile, a botanical travelogue from the Atacama Desert in the north to the Andes Mountains in Patagonia in the south"

2022 Members Slide Show January 17, 2023

WFS Carissa Brown & Heather Baehre, December 13, 2022
"The Secret of Diapensia & the Newfoundland Barrens

WFS Todd Boland, November 8th, 2022
"Alpines of the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland"

WFS Anne Madden Oct 19, 2022
"Camping with Wildflowers at Butter Pot Provincial Park, Newfoundland"
Anne has focussed on four areas of the park that are her favourite spots to visit and explore.
WFS SueMeades, Churchill River, Lab., May 10,2022
"Flora of the Churchill River Valley pre-hydro development"
WFS Michael Burzynski& Ann Marceau-Greece, April 12, 2022
"Exploring the Wildflowers, Landscape, and Ecology of Greece" Presented April12, 2022

WFS Claudia Hanel March 8th, 2022
"In Dire Straits? Wildflowers in a little corner of the Big Land"
WFS Michael Burzynski&Anne Marceau -N.Labrador, Feb.8,2022
"Landscapes and Wildflowers of Northern Labrador" with Michael Burzynski and Anne Marceau. Presented February 8, 2022."
WFS Sue Meades- Postville area, Labrador, December 14, 2021
"Flora of the Kaipokok Bay area, south of Postville" Presented December 14, 2021
WFS Todd Boland, Georgia, October 12, 2021
"Georgia on my mind-----the COUNTRY that is!" Presented October 12, 2021.

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