The Annual Christmas Slide Show 2015 - Call for Contributions

The Wildflower Society Annual Christmas Slide Show 2015 - Call for Contributions

1. We will be holding our annual Christmas Slide Show, as usual, at our December meeting (on December 8).

2. It is the yearly opportunity for members to show, and talk about, the things they have been doing, and seeing, botanically, during the past summer (or so).

3. Don't be shy! Rummage through your hard drives, and send us your best and/or most interesting images.

4. The rules for submission are: Up to FIFTEEN photos per person. No categories. No dates. No geographical restriction. The subject of submitted photos should be botanically related.

5. Like last year, we WILL NOT be holding a SEPARATE "Photo Competition". ALL submitted photos will be incorporated into a single integrated "Christmas Slide Show".

6. We request that all contributions be sent to our compiler, John Maunder, by,
at the very latest, November 10, 2015 (the date of our next meeting). However, the earlier, the better.

7. Please send by e-mail [use attachments or remote server links (ie. Picassa, Drop-Box, etc.)] at (please keep the total size of any single e-mail down to about 15 MB), or by snail-mail (John Maunder, P. O. Box 250, Pouch Cove, NL A0A 3L0); or by hand delivery on a CD or a DVD at the November meeting.

8. If you are able to, please submit photos with a size of 1024 x 768 pixels. Otherwise please submit however you can ... John will adjust the photo size after the fact.

9. Like last year, during the course of producing the show, our compiler will note those photos that he considers to be "particularly noteworthy" [no set number; the selection will depend upon what is submitted to the Christmas Slide Show].

10. During the actual presentation of the show, these "noteworthy" photos will be acknowledged, and prizes, or at least copious praise, will be offered up on the spot.

11. Please note: the number of photos requested is down to 15 this year, (from 20 last year) since a number of members thought that past shows have been a bit too long. Hopefully, the result, this year, will be less tiring, and much more enjoyable.

12. But, also, please note the additional proviso. If it is required, in order to streamline the presentation
still further, the compiler will reserve the right to edit the total number of photos down to a still more manageable figure.